Content Licensing

A Century's Worth of Maps and Data

We've been producing the world's best print maps for a century to use in our own publications and products.  We're now converting this content to standard digital formats and licensing it to other organizations to use in their products and publications. From our Africa map printed in 1909, to our latest reference, adventure, or trail maps, National Geographic’s unique, vast map archive is available to be licensed for print or digital products. We offer maps to suit any number of needs and tastes, from a historic map of New York City to showcase in a home décor catalog, to a map of the US Civil War for a textbook, or a Trails Illustrated map for natural resource management. 

A Variety of Themes and Formats

Do you need high resolution map images for print products, or multi-scaled image tiles for interactive online map viewers, or geo-referenced vector files to use in a geographic information system (GIS) or web mapping application? Just imagine National Geographic maps featured in your products and services, and we'll work with you to make it happen.

Examples of Licensed Content

Here are a few interactive zoomable examples of the type of map content that we license for use in digital or print products. If you find a National Geographic map anywhere on this site or elsewhere and are interested in licensing it, let us know and we'll discuss the options. We can deliver our maps in their native print map projection or in standard Web Mercator projection to overlay with other online map services.


Great Smoky Mountains National Park TI Vector Data (Trails and Points of Interest)

>>> Click on the lines and icons to view descriptive attributes <<<

Ireland Classic Wall Map)

Africa 1909


China Executive Wallmap


2005 Civil War Map

Organizations interested in licensing maps and data should contact us.