Map + App

Digital versions of our award-winning printed maps are available in several mapping apps including Gaia GPS, Avenza Maps, and Topo Maps+.

Experienced modern outdoorspeople understand that the combination of map plus app provides the best and most efficient way to navigate and experience the outdoors, whether searching for their next hike or backcountry adventure, or deep in the wilderness trying to find their way to a natural feature or recreation facility or back to their vehicle.

Paper maps provide context to any trail or area, showing you the big picture and surrounding towns and points of interest, which makes them the best tool for scoping out and planning your adventures and discovering features to explore. Plus, they never fail due to cold, heat, or water, or lack of battery life or connectivity, which makes them an essential backup for any backcountry adventure.

Digital mapping apps are great for searching large collections of trails and features by name, showing where you are on the map, or helping you calculate your distance, direction, and elevation gain. Of course, it matters a lot which map an app is using, and it's best for the digital and print map to match up in order to seamlessly transition from paper to digital navigation and exploration.

Together, a map plus app will get you there and back safely and efficiently, whether you're on a tight expedition schedule or wandering and exploring a landscape. 


Gaia GPS 


Download our complete set of seamless Trails Illustrated maps and Topographic Map Guides to your mobile device with Gaia GPS, the leading outdoor navigation app. Use Gaia GPS to download maps when you don't have cell service, plan trips, and navigate out in the wild.

With Gaia GPS CarPlay integration for iOS, Trails Illustrated maps can help iPhone users get to the trailhead and navigate backcountry roads and trails in your vehicle's built-in navigation console.

NatGeo trail map on CarPlay

Gaia GPS on CarPlay provides turn-by-turn directions on the way to the trailhead and while you're on the backcountry 4x4 trails.

NatGeo trail map on CarPlay turn-by-turn

Join hundreds of thousands of backpackers, hunters, offroaders, mountain bikers, backcountry skiers, firefighters, guides, and other serious outdoor adventurers and professionals that use Gaia GPS for work and play.

With a Premium Membership in Gaia GPS, you get access to hundreds of Trails Illustrated titles, to use out in the field. Download the free app below:

iPhone/iPad - Hiking Maps + Hiking App

Android Phones/Tablets - Hiking Maps + Hiking App

You can also use to browse hiking trips, or plan hiking trips and print topo maps for backup.


Avenza Maps


Our outdoor recreation, travel, reference, and historical maps are available through the Avenza Maps store to download and track your location within the Avenza Maps mobile app.



Each map is purchased separately, letting you build your personal NatGeo map collection on your mobile device.


Topo Maps+


By backpackers FOR backpackers, Topo Maps+ is designed to get you there and back again. With fully featured applications on both Mac and iOS you can plan your trip on one and sync to the other.

Topo Maps+ map + app

National Geographic Trails Illustrated maps can be purchased individually with no need for a subscription. The maps integrate seamlessly into Topo Maps+ giving you all the best tools for use on your favorite maps. View the distance to the next trail junction or the elevation to the next peak with a few taps on the screen. Drop waypoints, record your tracks ... you can even snap a picture to show up as waypoints on the map with the general direction you took the photo!

Download your maps for offline access for when you are far from a cell signal and still find your position and track movements with your phone's onboard GPS! Topo Maps+ uses a power optimized GPS mode which saves on battery life for long-lasting offline access to GPS tools deep in the backcountry.

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We license our digital maps to other organizations to use in their products and publications. From our Africa map printed in 1909, to our latest reference, adventure, or trail maps, National Geographic’s unique, vast map archive is available to be licensed for print or digital products. We offer maps to suit any number of needs and tastes, from a historic map of New York City to showcase in a home décor catalog, to a map of the US Civil War for a textbook, or a Trails Illustrated map for natural resource management. Learn more about licensing our maps and data.