Continents & Countries :: The Balkans Classic

Study the Countries of the Balkans with our new map featuring the classic National Geographic reference styling. Features thousands of place-names, political boundaries, national parks, and major infrastructure networks such as roads, canals, ferry routes, and railroads. The Countries of the Balkans Classic map shows its diverse terrain as detailed through shaded relief, coastal bathymetry, and symbolism for water features and other landforms. Elevations of major peaks as well as depth soundings are expressed in meters.

Map coverage of Albania, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Kosovo, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Slovenia, as well as the outlying border countries of Greece, Italy, Slovakia, Serbia, Turkey and Ukraine.

Map features also includes listings for the counties of Hungary and Romania along with their respective capitals and the administrative divisions of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Map is printed on premium quality paper stock, rolled, and wrapped in kraft paper without display packaging.

Map Details:
Scale = 1:1,948,000 (1 Centimeter = 19.48 Kilometers; 1 inch = 30.75 Miles)
Projection = Albers Conic Equal-Area, Standard Parallels 29° and 11°
Copyright 2010

Flat Size:
30.25 x 23.5
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